Almased – An Honest Product Review!

Almased is a protein powder that has been designed to serve as a weight-loss solution that can help people who are suffering from obesity. In addition, the manufacturer of the product claims that it is a suitable meal replacement solution made with non-GMO soy. It provides the organism with the essential enzymes and amino acids. Finally, the supplement is supposed to be easy to digest, stimulant-free, and clinically studied formula.

The main advantage of the protein over the other similar products on the market is in its strong appetite suppression abilities, that should prevent hunger for up to 4 hours. The weight-loss powder also regulates blood sugar levels and eliminates all cravings for food. Another feature of the solution is the possibility to combine its intake with a diet plan that includes some selected food types. This should help consumers prevent further weight gain. Not only that, they will be able to control their weight in a better way.

All this information sounds really good so I think that one could easily decide to purchase this slimming solution. Still, I am not absolutely persuaded that it really works properly, so I am going to fully investigate all the available data related to this product and to share my summarization with you. Read the following scam review to get all the important details about Almased.

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More About The Almased Protein!

Here, I would like to tell you more about the background of the weight-loss protein. My research revealed that Almased is actually a family-owned business in Germany. Apparently, the company has a history with meal replacing solutions in the form of protein shakes. As I said above, the main goal of these products is to help people deal with their weight problems. Maybe this is the reason why the firm states that their supplement is not actually a diet but a whole lifestyle. This suggests that consumers should get used to a new way of living when deciding to purchase Almased. In other words, not only they are supposed to regularly take the protein but to combine it with a healthy regime.

Another interesting fact regarding the protein shake is the fact that it was created by a man called Hubertus Trouille. He is a non-medical practitioner. In the beginning, the product was intended only for Germany, however, soon enough it was expanded as product line all over the world.

The first version of the slimming solution was developed back in the 1980s and it consisted of 3 ingredients only – honey, soy, and yogurt. The idea of the creator was to offer a product that would boost the metabolism, however, he ended up making Almased instead, which he claimed worked well and effectively for weight problems.

A need to say here that this background looks legit and trustworthy, however, my research revealed that the currently offered protein doesn’t have anything to do with the original concept. You will see this by checking the composition of Almased below.

Almased Protein Shake – Main Ingredients!

Now, let’s take a closer look at the final formula of the contemporary Almased protein shake. You will notice that the main 3 ingredients are still present, however, there are many additional, too.

  • Soy Protein Isolate – This is said to be the most important extract in the product as it is considered one of the highest protein soy sources. It contains approximately 90% protein in it. To create meal replacement and shakes, this ingredient is combined with a lot of other ingredients.
  • Skim Milk Yogurt Powder – It provides the body with an additional muscle building protein source. In addition, it delivers riboflavin and calcium. Another important effect of the extract is the fact that it Almased mix like a shake when combined with water or juice.
  • Honey Enzymes – The main idea of this ingredient is fermentation, which is supposedly important for weight-loss goals. The manufacturer of the protein also claims that honey enzymes are added to assist in digestion.

In addition to these 3 main ingredients of the Almased slimming solution, there are many other included substances. Some of them are Vitamins, Amino Acids, Calcium Citrate, Potassium iodide, Zinc oxide, Sodium Selenite, Niacin, Ferrous fumarate, Biotin, Potassium chloride, Manganese Sulfate, Magnesium carbonate, Calcium Pantothenate, Folic Acid.

It is more than clear that the composition of the protein is not absolutely natural as stated. This makes me believe that you should better not opt for this particular weight-loss product.

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Side Effects & Cons

You need to know a few things before making your final decision. First of all, the product is costly and it doesn’t offer any money-back-guarantee. Additionally, you must be prepared for it is a little bit dull in taste. This means that soon after you have started with its regular intake, you will get tired of its flavor. Finally, you have to drink the ready shake immediately after you are done preparing it. Because it becomes hard and thick really quickly.

Do I Recommend Almased Or Not?

My personal final verdict on Almased is negative as couldn’t find any proof to confirm its efficiency and positive effects. There isn’t a single medical study to testify for the effect of the powder. Not to mention the fact that many of the featured ingredients are not natural as promised.

I also checked in the Internet space to gather some unbiased users’ testimonials about this slimming product. Most of them were negative, as people seemed unsatisfied with the delivered results. Which means that you will definitely need to strictly follow a severe diet in order to lose the desired number of pounds. The protein itself, won’t be enough for this goal.

To sum it up, I am more than certain that there are way better weight-loss products on the market, so you should not deal with Almased.

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Final Words

The food supplement market is constantly growing as new and revolutionary products are being launched day after day. Unfortunately, I don’t see Almased as one of them, however, I am certain that you can find a solution that is really worth it. So, my advice is to go for it!

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