Celsius Drink Review [Energy Drink & Fitness]

Live Fit is the motto of the Celsius energy drink. If you are reading this, you were probably looking for a review that can help you learn more about it. It is a drink that promotes weight loss and fat burning, while increasing energy levels.

But like every energy drink out there, it might have both advantages and disadvantages. It is a fitness drink, aimed predominantly at people who go to the gym and are physically active.

I suggest you look for another solution if you want to lose weight without destroying yourself at the gym. Such a solution is my No.1 recommendation and I urge you to check it out before proceeding to a purchase with this one.

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Celsius Sparkling Energy Drink – What Is It?

In its essence, Celsius is a brand that offers energy fitness drinks to the global consumer. Its main purpose is to help you burn calories and excess fat during your workouts. It claims to activate and accelerate metabolism and fill the body with energy to spare.

As an energy drink, the product line of Celsius can work as an alternative to coffee or other uplifting drinks. It is intended for people who are physically active, do sports and go to the gym, as a pre-workout drink that can boost your stamina.

For the comfort of the consumer, the energy drink comes in two types and two forms:

  • Sparkling flavors – for those of you who like the gentle tingle of the bubbles;
  • Non-carbonated flavors – for those who prefer still liquids rather than sparkling;
  • Liquid – this is the form of the two types of drinks;
  • Powder – the so-called Celsius On-The-Go is a powder form you can dissolve in water anywhere and at any time.

Either way, we cannot deny that the company has made the effort to provide a solution for every taste. This can help people quit any other high in fructose liquid they might fancy.

Celsius Drink Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

The composition of the fitness energy drink is sugar-free, gluten-free, and natural. This is the main angle they use to promote themselves as your most trusted partner when training. Here’s the list of ingredients you can find in your canned beverage:

  • Green Tea Extract – the extract contains a specific amount of epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG, the element capable of activating the metabolism, thus making your body store fewer calories and burn more fat.
  • Guarana Seed Extract – this is the ingredient that gives caffeine to your drink. The beverage features extract of the seeds not the root because it contains twice the caffeine in a single coffee bean, energizing the body.
  • Ginger Root – ginger is known for its ability to activate the process of thermogenesis, which influences fat-burning. The spicy nature of the ginger root improves digestion and makes the metabolic processes more effective.
  • Vitamin C – to support your immune system.
  • Vitamin B Complex – to boost stamina and to improve metabolism, and to tackle fatigue.
  • Chromium – to help balance blood sugar levels and normalize your appetite.

The special fitness edition Celsius Heat is intended for pre-workout use, at least 15 minutes before you hit the gym. It contains 300mg of caffeine that activates thermogenesis and fills your body with energy. It also has 2000mg of L-Citrulline which improves power, stamina, oxygen intake, and greatly improves the overall performance.

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Celsius Drink Side Effects

The caffeine beverage is not recommended for use by people who are sensitive to such stimulating elements, people with heart conditions, and pregnant or nursing women.

What is problematic is that none of this information has been disclosed on their website. It is indicated only on the label and some people might be misled.

In addition to that, given its ingredients, the beverage might have additional side effects. Such could be jitteriness and nausea if you overdose on caffeine. The fact that it contains such might lead to the appearance of diarrhea because of the laxative function of the green tea, and other stomach problems.


Don’t drink the Celsius beverage late in the afternoon. It can lead to an increased heart rate and sleep problems because of the high caffeine concentration.

The personal research into the effects of the drink did not discover a lot of users’ complaints. Still, you need to have them in mind when deciding to start drinking this energy drink.

Benefits & Expected Results

Drinking the beverage claims to lead the following things:

  • Enhanced metabolism;
  • Energy boost & increased stamina;
  • Fat burning and breaking;
  • Reduced calorie intake.

The expected time for which the effects will last is 3 hours. That is why it is advisable to drink it before workout and use the boost to train hard.

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Tastes & Flavors

One last thing that people find very important is the taste. Energy drinks like this one are known to have a taste like a cough syrup. Some people can’t stand it but others like it very much. Celsius comes not just in many shapes and forms, but also in a wide variety of tastes:

  • Fruit Flavors – you can choose from orange, grape, watermelon, wild berry, kiwi & guava, peach & mango, acai berry & raspberry; but that is not all – you can select grapefruit, cucumber & lime, orange & pomegranate; pineapple coconut, strawberries & cream, watermelon & berry.
  • Celsius Sparkling Cola – this is a nod to the fans of carbonated beverages. It can act as a substitute for your daily coca cola.
  • On-The-Go Flavors – Celsius Live Fit instant beverage comes in 4 flavors. Pick from orange, acai berry & raspberry, coconut, or cranberry & lemon.

It is said to be refreshing, capable of replenishing energy and boosting metabolism, regardless of the product line you choose to drink.

Celsius Energy Drink Overview

Energy drinks like this one aim to enhance and compliment your efforts at losing weight and staying fit. The downside is that they won’t actually break down fat, they will just enhance your organism capabilities and your other efforts. You will still have to train hard, go on a regime, and hit the gym as often as possible.

We can recommend you an easier way to achieve all that, without the added benefit of heart-racing and sleep loss. Our no.1 recommendation can help you shave off the excess inches of your waist without too much caffeine and undesired side effects, that is why our team advises you to consider it as a better alternative.

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