FitDay Review – Does It Help You Track Your Daily Calorie Intake?

FitDay is a calorie tracking and average energy consumption calculator. It is available for as an online mobile app and there is also the paid PC desktop version. The application has been featured and advertised on a variety of reputable and well-respected media, such as PC Magazine, Women’s World, The Wall Street Journal, and Fast Company.

Even though there are many virtual debates as to the results it gives in comparison to other similar weight management programs, as well as the ongoing FitDay vs MyFitnessPal dispute, most people seem to be satisfied by its performance.

The only difference between the free and the paid versions of the weight control solution, apart from several slimming and healthy recipe tools, is the fact that the ones that have to be purchased do not feature any distracting advertisement logos and clips.

The daily calorie intake management app revolves around the idea that knowing how much you have achieved or how little, for that matter, will help one stay on track. But it is not actually a meal replacement solution. Users better proceed to My #1 Recommendation – MaxFit Garcinia for quality results!

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FitDay Calculator App – How To Use It?

This diet tracking application can be best described as an online journal for people’s nutritional habits which was first released back in 2008. Clients can even view charts and graphs of their meal replacement performance, all the activities that they’ve participated in, the day-to-day fitness, as well as how they’ve been doing with the set goals:

Other main tasks include the monitoring of the calorie burnout rate during:

  • Grocery Shopping & Placement Into The Storage Unit;
  • Jogging, Running, & Walking;
  • Sexual Intercourse & Other Similar Activities;
  • Household Chores Like Cleaning, Mopping, Dusting, Cooking, Ironing, & Sweeping;
  • Working Behind The Desk All Day;
  • Studying;
  • Playing A Musical Instrument;
  • Outdoor Sports Like Hiking, Canoeing, Swimming, Bicycling;
  • Many Others;

Another great thing is that the online fitness calculator can help you determine exactly how much nutrients you have consumed in a single day. It has quite the expanded nutritional value database which includes direct references from the ‘Dietary Guidelines For Americans’.

Clients can enter the exact products featured in the meals and beverages they’ve consumed and the online diet app will tell them if it is the healthy amount. It will also suggest meal reductions and replacement goods. The body-sculpting program will calculate the necessary amount of all the beneficial substances and display them in categories, such as vitamins, minerals, fibers, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

There are no included instructions as to nutritional regiments that the visitor is obliged to follow. This is not a diet plan manual. But carrying out proper calorie management is crucial to one’s slimming process. Recording all the calories that one has consumed every day can be, otherwise, bothersome and downright boring. Which is one of the main reasons why so many people give up.

FitDay Mobile, Classic, & PC – Are There Any Considerable Differences?

As was already mentioned above, the main difference between the versions of the nutritional planning app is that the paid ones give one a break from the constant digital ads that appear on the screen. The iPhone one has a slightly reduced number of special features and tools in comparison to the FitDay app for Android but they are mainly minor ones. Both allow for the proper calculation and progress that clients have or failed to achieve. There is no bigger motivation than this!

FitDay Single Click Food & Activity

This mobile healthy nutrition management app also has shortcuts, intended for users who live on the run and need a faster way to update their daily diet diary. This excludes all FitDay login procedures and allows them to access the platform directly.

One of its top features includes the Quick View Nutritional Info Panel. It helps the user to design and create their personal dietary and food labels. The advanced and enhanced meal plan and physical activity tracking capacity also lets clients publish and see reports of their day-to-day progress.

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Accounts can be updated on the go, thanks to the iOS and Android applications. Even though its capability and tools are more limited than the paid web and PC versions, both are still quite the handy digital weight management and control tools.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Policy:

This food log app has been a crucial part of the Internet Brands Group since it was launched back in 2008. The most amazing thing about it is that its founding team of nutritional experts and programmers has remained relatively unchanged. It has helped tens of thousands of individuals to manage their daily food portions, exercise routine, and calorie intake efficiently. This is why it comes as no surprise that every copy of the excess fat burning calculator comes along with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Policy. Anyone, who is not satisfied by its performance during the first month, can ask for his or her investment back.

Most Important Tools & Features Of The Nutritional Journal

Every diet planning app whose purpose is to help people evaluate their daily calorie intake, meal portioning and physical exercise routine should try to encompass as many nutrient categories as is possible. This is exactly what the FitDay online diet diary does. There is a virtual abundance of helpful tools that work for the better weight management.

Let us take a look now at the top ones:

  • My Daily Nutrition Requirements: Helps the user customize their menu and food product choices.
  • Charts Overview: Designed as a graph which resembles a pie (yum!). Gives a clear perspective of the average daily calorie intake, the number of excess kilos and fat burned, any changes in the body mass index, and the ratio of consumed nutrients vs. lost ones.
  • Web Synchronization: Available only for Premium users who wish to tune in their regular FitDay account with the software.
  • Food Log: Track calories by also entering your customized meals.
  • Food Explorer: See which the top nutrients are.
  • Activity Log: Check up on the physical exercises that you have engaged in and the list of consumed food products.
  • Activity Explorer: Browse through what you’ve been up to.
  • Weight Goal: Set the standards for your weight management goals.
  • Weight Log: Graphic reports illustrate how you’ve been doing.
  • Mood Log: See how your nutritional plans and workout routine affect your mood.
  • Diary: Feel free to share anything.
  • Calendar: Mark goals and important events.
  • Reports: For what it’s worth.
  • Recycle Bin: Remind yourself of the past present and future.

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FitDay Price – Is It Very High?

Only the premium desktop versions of the nutritional journal are paid. They cost about $4.16 per month which is not a hefty price to pay for keeping up an online food log with all the necessary details that you need. It also issues performance analysis and includes references from the ‘Dietary Guidelines For Americans’.

Is The Digital Nutritional Journal All That Good?

All existing FitDay reviews suggest that this diet diary app is more than useful and helpful. It is completely legit and authentic. There is only one minus – it does not include proper nutritional plan suggestions, just helps the client track his progress. It is great as an additional meal management tool but is not a proper weight control solution.

FitDay Online Nutrition Journal App – Use In Combination!

This is a solid and completely genuine calorie control application. But it should be used in combination with a real slimming program. It features all the necessary tools that one can use in order to motivate himself or herself.

Clients who are looking for such a suggestion can take a look at My #1 Recommendation – MaxFit Garcinia – one of the top available choices on the market right now! The body-shaping method includes an active extract of the Garcinia Cambogia fruit and is saturated with hydroxycitric acid.

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