Go Cleanse – Can This Diet Really Help You?

Go Cleanse is the name of a specific diet that you can find online. Its main idea is to help people cleanse their organism and lose some weight by using different techniques such as meal replacement detox and a weight-loss plan that includes coaching services. The distributor of the regime claims that it takes just 4 days for one to lose the pounds that would normally take a month or two. In addition, the included coaching services are expected to further improve the results with up to 50%.

In addition, all the supplements that you will need to take during this diet will be recommended by the company. So, it basically takes care of the whole process which means that it should also take the responsibility in case someone remains unsatisfied with the delivered results.

In my personal opinion, these are big claims for a product that is neither a colon cleanse, nor a diet actually. Furthermore, protein and vitamins are not typically used for detoxification, however, these are the 2 main ingredients of the diet. Not to mention the fact, that I was really worried to read that this program is presented as an ultra-fast weight loss solution as fast weight loss often leads to health issues and rebound weight gain.

I decided to personally examine the specifics of this product in order to write this scam review. Read the following paragraphs to get all the details regarding the diet and its advantages and disadvantages.

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What is Go Cleanse? More About It!

Apparently, Go Cleanse is a kind of diet presented in the form of educational coaching service. Its main purpose is to guide users through the whole process of cleansing. The package includes both food supplements and coaching sessions to all the clients who decide to follow the eleven day or thirty-day plan. With the help of this program, you are supposed not only to eliminate all toxins in your body but also to lose weight really quickly. And this is something that I already said to trouble me a lot.

So, some specialists believe that cleansing the organism is one of the best ways for people to lose weight and to get in a healthy physical shape. Toxins can actually be eliminated through herbal remedies and clean eating. This is the idea of the people behind Go Cleanse, too. Still, it is yet not proven as effective by any medical study or conducted trial.

In addition to the coaching services and the diet plan, Go Cleanse offers a cleanse drink, clean snacks, and meal replacement shakes. The detailed meal plans are part of the educational materials that are also included in the service.

Go Cleanse – Main Ingredients & Expected Results?

Now, I am going to show you the products that you should take on a daily basis while following the diet program.

  • New Zealand Whey Protein – it is supposedly pesticides and herbicides free so it should not deliver any toxins to the body.
  • Aloe Vera – it has a positive effect on the organisms of people who suffer from obesity.
  • Enzymes – boost energy level and take care of the immune system.
  • Amino Acids – important for the digestive system and the body cleansing process.
  • Super Vitamins – deliver additional minerals and vitamins for improved health.

These ingredients are definitely helpful and effective, however, I am not sure that these are the sole extracts that have found a place in the final formula of the featured supplements. In other words, I couldn’t find any detailed description of all the substances that are part of the Go Cleanse program. This is why I just cannot recommend it as a natural weight-loss and cleansing solution.

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Go Cleanse – Are There Any Side Effects?

If you ask the distributor of the diet and the featured supplements, they don’t provoke any side effect. Still, my investigation managed to prove just the opposite. There are many different unpleasant conditions that one could experience if following the regime. Some of them are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Hunger
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Diarrhea

What Is The Price Of Go Cleanse?

In case you have already decided to purchase the Go Cleanse diet you should know that there are two different packages available. The first one is an 11 day cleanse plan and its price is $187. The other plan is for 30 days and it costs $363.

In addition, you should be able to use the money-back-guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the delivered results. Upon checkout, you can choose between three shake flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

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Go Cleanse – A Scam or Not?

I do not recommend the Go Cleanse diet for my readers and there are many reasons for that. First of all, the whole product is messy – there aren’t any clear instructions or well-structured steps that you should follow. And this is one of the key factors defying the quality of every regime.

In addition, I don’t think that the featured supplements are of the best quality possible. On the contrary, I am pretty sure that you can find much better alternatives on the market. I also checked the quality of the coaching service and I wasn’t impressed at all.

If you check the Internet space you will find many authentic users testimonials and all of them will be negative. Apparently, the former clients of this company are not pleased with the delivered results.

To sum it up, you should better avoid dealing with this whole program as it cannot offer anything special.

My Final Thoughts

I know that there are many users who would like to use the services of a trustworthy and effective diet, however, Go Cleanse is definitely not the solution they are seeking to find. So, I advise you continue searching as there are really many legit and reliable options on the market.

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