Green Tea CR Purity Products Review [Benefits & Side Effects]

If you are here, you are probably looking for a multipurpose supplement. Because this is exactly what the Green Tea CR capsules are. The following review will show you the benefits and uses of the formula that has been developed by Chris Kilham.

What we know in our experience with supplements is that it is better for them to be focused on a single issue. This is due to the very nature of multipurpose supplements. They cover a lot of fronts and do not give enough attention to your main goals. But before we delve further into the case of the Green Tea CR supplement, consider my no.1 recommendation for enhanced physique and weight-management. If these are your goals, it is bound to commit to them.

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Who Is Green Tea CR’s Chris Kilham?

If you are into plant-based medicine, you have probably heard of this man. He is a famous world-traveler, deeply involved with the field. He is considered to be a Medicine Hunter and is pro-everything natural and organic.

His formula is based on years of experience, researching, and careful cultivation to find the combination that is most beneficial for the human organism. That is how the multipurpose capsules Green Tea CR came to be.

Why Multipurpose?

The capsules are multipurpose because they do not focus solely on weight management and getting fit. It has the ambition to support weight loss, brain function, heart health, joint condition, and much more. Meaning it tries to act as panacea.

Ingredients of the Green Tea CR Formula

The formula of the supplements consist of three main ingredients, each with its own effect and results to be expected:

  • Green Tea Extract – this is where part the name of the supplement comes from. Green tea is a well-known ingredient featured in numerous weight-loss supplements. It is a strong antioxidant, that boosts energy levels, stimulate metabolism, and enhance your efforts to lose weight, regardless of how you try to do it.
  • Curcumin – as BCM-95 Bio-Curcumin, this is a chemical compound, naturally produced by plants, most notably by the so-called turmeric. It has the ability to balance your metabolism and normalize its functions, so that your organism can process nutrients in the best way possible.
  • Resveratrol – this is a natural compound, produced by plants and fruits like grapes and blueberries. Its main capabilities are focused on taking care of your heart health and on supporting your immune system.

As you can notice, the combination of natural ingredients has been inspired by Chris Kilham and his infatuation with plant-based medicine. That is why you are not going to find impurities into this supplement. But does it really work or is the Green Tea CR just a fancy scam?

Benefits VS. Side Effects

It is only natural for a multipurpose supplement to affect different aspects of our organisms in a different way. If you decide to use these capsules, you are promised to experience:

  • Join pain relief;
  • Boosted energy levels;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Better blood circulation;
  • Improved memory, concentration, and mood.

These are benefits reported by various people who claim to have tried, tested, and used the Green Tea CR over a longer period of time. There is no clear information about short-term effects and whether the results are long-lasting or you will have to commit to a continuous, if not constant, use.

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But of course, it cannot be all positives and no negatives. Even if they are not frequent and might be few, side effects do appear, and you need to know what to expect:

  • Slight headaches;
  • Jitters;
  • Nausea;
  • Diarrhea.

Most commonly, these side effects might appear in the first few days when you begin the intake of the Green Tea CR supplement. While your organism adjusts. Of course, you have a history of heart conditions, make sure to consult your doctor before deciding to self-medicate in any way!

Green Tea CR Cost & Shipping

When you land on the website of the supplement, support by Purity Products, you will notice that you can get a Green Tea CR free bottle to begin with. Once you do that, you are automatically listed in an autoship program.


The free bottle consists of a 15-day supply, whereas the actual product is a monthly supply.

The shipping costs are of $4.95. Given that you are listed in an autoshipping program, you will receive one bottle of the Green Tea CR each month at the price of $39.95, claiming that this is discounted price, with a 27% discount on the original price. This is what the refer to as their Super Saver program.

The first bottle you have to pay for will arrive up to 3 weeks after your free-trial bottle. When you sign up to receive the free sample, you have to fill out your credit or debit card details. That is how you will be charged when your first paid bottle gets shipped. You have to manually cancel your subscription if you do not wish to receive any more of the supplement.

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Is Green Tea CR Worth Your Money?

This is something that you can discern for yourself if you decide to purchase the free sample of the supplement. Most accounts show that it is useful and gentle to the organism.

Some have argued that the way they enlist you into their autoshipping program and charge your card, is not a good business practice. But it is something we can rarely avoid today and this is not enough evidence to consider the Green Tea CR to be a scam. On the contrary, it is a supplement worth considering.

Still, given our experience in the field, we can tell you that there are other alternatives. This is one of many products that have effectively saturated the markets. We know how hard it is to find an actual working solutions among the rest. That is why we suggest you consider our no.1 recommendation before you make any purchases. It is a focused weight-loss supplement you can truly rely on to target your main goals.

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