Medifast Diet Review [Plan & Food List]

Losing weight with diet plans like Medifast might be challenging but it is not impossible. Of course, you will have to stick strictly to it if you want some results. Otherwise, you are wasting time and resources for something you do not intend to follow.

The review below encompasses all important aspects of the diet. You can also find a featured Medifast food list that goes with the different plans. What I can tell you from the start is that there are easier ways to get into a better shape.

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Medifast – Background & Origins

The America nutrition and weight-loss company established Medifast in the 80s and since then has grown into a huge corporation with multiple nutrition and wellness subsidiaries. Its founder is a medical doctor – William Vitale, and this has outlined the path of the company.

In 2016 and 2017, Medifast was featured in Forbes’ list “100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America”, which is a clear sign that what these people do is reliable and authentic. They have a huge product line and various plans you can purchase in order to get in shape.

How to Start a Medifast Diet?

All you need to do is choose from the provided variety. The Medifast meal replacements are nutritional and well-balanced. They provide you with proteins, vitamins, and minerals, so that your organism stays healthy even when dieting.

The plans are built in a way that makes you have 6 balanced meals per day, every 3-4 hours. In small, nutritional portions, you can keep your cravings to a minimum and suppress the hunger.

  • Medifast Meals – you can choose from more than 60 products that can serve as meal replacements. They have a similar design, to achieve similar results and allow you to diversify so that you do not get fed up with a given taste.
  • Medifast Lean & Green – with these meals you get 5 to 7 ounces of protein, 3 vegetable servings, 2 servings of healthy fats. You can also apply company recipes available in their blog. They also have a cookbook that can work as a replacement for the ready-made meals. Or you can just buy them.
  • Snacks & Desserts – Medifast Flex and Medifast Go provide you with a wide variety of desserts, snacks, and energy bars that can easily get you through the day and fit into your busy schedule.

A minimum amount of exercise and movement is advisable. Remember that no matter how strict is your diet, you cannot burn calories fast enough if you are not at least a little bit active.

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Medifast Diet 30-Day Kits & Plans

There are four distinct ready-Kits you can choose from if you do not wish to bother with selecting your meals one by one. They vary in servings and price:

  • Medifast GO! – this is a meal kit with 154 servings for a full diet course of 30 days. Its food list contains soups, energy bars, soft bakes, protein shakes and many more. It also features bonus items a Start-up guide, a personal Plan guide, a Food Journal, along with a blender bottle and a guide on how to eat when you are going out. The kit costs $429.
  • Medifast GO! Gluten-Free – this is kit of low-prep meals, suitable as on-the-go options, which are gluten-free. So that even if you have gluten intolerance, you can still get fit and build lean muscles with the help of this diet plan. It comes with the same bonus items and also costs $429.
  • Medifast Flex Select Kit – this is a special kit of 126 meals and 9 Medifast Lean and Green meals. Your first order is also going to contain a bonus of 3 additional Lean and Green meals. In addition to the bonus items with the other two kits, you also receive a Workbook on how to live healthily. It costs $395.55.
  • Medifast Flex Complete Kit – this kit is considered the best deal to purchase. In addition to all bonus items already mentioned, it features another 21 bags of crunchy snacks, 7 Flavor Infusers, a wellness and health Cookbook, along with three dietary supplements – Omega-3, Probiotic, Digestive Enzyme, to ease digestion and take care of your digestive system. All of this costs $460.30 and it has 138 servings.

Like I said, a huge variety to choose from. It might come off as a bit confusing. You need to carefully examine the list of products featured in the meals. You might find those that you prefer best. But it is also an option to just select individual servings of the meals you prefer, without a kit. We already mentioned that they are complementary products and get close to each other in terms of effects and results.

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Possible Side Effects & Disadvantages

Apart from the obvious – the extreme price of the kits and the individual meals alike, there are some other difficulties you might face when going on a Medifast diet:

1. You need a microwave oven – forget about using the meals if you do not have one because it is necessary to prepare most of them in the first place. There are some quite extreme opinions for and against microwaves, so it is quite understandable if you do not wish to use one.

2. You might face side effects – because of the high fiber content of the Medifast meals, you might experience the following side effects: bloating, intestinal flatulence, diarrhea, cramps. You should also increase your fluid intake, as fibers hide a choking hazard.

Is Medifast a Scam Diet or Worth It?

The diet plans provided by this wellness company are totally authentic. Yes, the might be expensive, but they have obvious advantages compared to most diet plans out there. So if you are ready to challenge yourself with a diet plan, this is one of the good options you can select for yourself.

But if you get on the Medifast Diet, regardless of your starter kit, you need to commit. You have to replace your everyday meals with what the company has to provide. If you truly want to burn fat and build lean muscles with these meals, you have to commit to them.

You might get tired of it or fed up, but if you choose to quit, you have wasted your time and money. I can suggest you a less engaging solution for your weight-loss needs. Consider my no.1 recommendation before you proceed with a purchase and see if it is a better fit for your requirements.

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