Oceans Alive Review – Marine Phytoplankton Benefits & Side Effects

The Oceans Alive dietary supplement belongs to the Activation product line. Its founder and creator Ian Clark build the company from the ground up. It is a marine phytoplankton based supplement in the form of drops. The following detailed review will provide you with insights and valuable information about the product. Should you use it or are there better alternatives?

Experience has helped our team understand that there are very few effective and beneficial supplements in the saturated market. Before you take a leap of faith and by such an unconventional product like the drops, check out our no.1 recommendation and consider its advantages.

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Oceans Alive & the Marine Phytoplankton

The motivation for creating this dietary supplement came for Clark out of the fact that he used to have weight problems. Facing a surgery, he decided to turn to supplements and solutions for weight loss. This is how he discovered marine phytoplankton.

But the form he had access to was not satisfactory. With the help of his son Anthony, he traveled the world to discover unprocessed, raw marine phytoplankton. He found it in Spain and immediately knew this is something that had to reach as many people as possible.

This is how the Activation products were first born. With the help of a German engineer to develop the pressing technology to extract the oils, the company was ready to go global.

The Essence of the Oceans Alive Supplement

The essential oil, created for the purpose of helping people lose weight, is derived from two types of marine phytoplankton. These are the Oceans Alive ingredients. It is unclear which exactly, but the drops are said to possess all essential nano-nutrients.

What Is Marine Phytoplankton?

This is a microalgae species with more than 43,000 strains identified. Only two have been selected for the creation of the Oceans Alive drops. They have not been described in greater details. This is either corporate secret or some sloppy handling and a sign for transparency issues.

They have been cultivated and processed in a way that should keep all of their positive advantages and benefits for the organism. It is worth noting that they have not been grown in natural bodies of water due to the increased pollution of the oceans. Instead, they have been grown in a controlled environment to ensure the purity of the product before all else.

According to the promotional materials, the drops provide the necessary nutritional value so that the human body can function better and be healthier. All because they are pure and free of all processing contamination.

What Do They Provide?

Because of the specifics of the phytoplankton itself and the elements it needs to survive, the derived oil is said to be rich in vitamins, minerals good fatty and amino acids.

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Are There any Oceans Alive Benefits?

The product is promoted as a result of processing one of the most powerful food sources in the world. According to the available information, it can:

  • Boost focus;
  • Increase energy levels;
  • Regulate all bodily functions;
  • Improve the overall state of the immune system.

These are effects presented Oceans Alive customer reviews. And there is no guarantee that the same benefits will occur with all users. In addition to that, apart from assuming that it boosts metabolism, the dietary supplement has no other obvious effect on losing weight.

Marine Phytoplankton Dosage & Side Effects

Probably the biggest problem that might arise from the Oceans Alive is the fact that none of the statements made by the creator Ian Clark have been FDA evaluated. Meaning, that apart from not being proven to have a strong effect on losing weight, the drops may be considered simple homeopathy with no real results.

The drops are also not recommended for:

  • Pregnant women;
  • Children under 18 years of age.

In other cases, the recommended dosage is taking 12 drops per day, dissolved in water or directly under the tongue. Keep in mind that if you are lighter than 70kg or 150lb, you should consider reducing the dosage. It has not been mentioned by how much.

In all cases, consult with a professional medical representer before proceeding to use the Oceans Alive dietary supplement.

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Oceans Alive Price & Purchase

You can order a 30ml bottle of the raw phytoplankton for focus and energy for $39. If you are a Canadian resident, it will cost you $39 CAD. There are two types of way to purchase the dietary supplement:

  • One-Time Order – you will receive your bottle of marine phytoplankton extract only once.
  • 1 Bottle Every Month – by choosing this plan, you will be featured in an auto-shipping list and you will receive a monthly supply of 30ml of marine phytoplankton each month.

Does Oceans Alive Have Any Positive Effects?

To put it straight, the supplement has no significant negative effects. But its positive influence on the organism has not been confirmed either. Our main problem with this supplement is the misleading promotional approach.

Oceans Alive has been promoted as a dietary supplement. What we have found out about it shows no significant effect on weight. On the contrary. The drops are promoted as a way to boost your focus and energy.

Good to Know:

Boosting your focus and energy levels implies two things. First, the marine phytoplankton drops can have a positive effect on your brain functions, thus helping you stay focused for longer periods of times. Second, it can replenish your energy reserves and boost your energy levels. This is something you can put to use if you are on a fitness regime. Physical activity is crucial for weight management. But if you boost your energy levels without actually exhausting them, you risk becoming restless and get jitters. The Oceans Alive drops will be beneficial for you only if you stick to a hard training regime that can push your limits.

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Is It Worth Getting It?

If you have money to spare to experiment with the dietary supplements you use, then the Oceans Alive drops will do no damage. It is disadvantageous in that they do not offer a free-trial bottle. But on the other hand, the price of $39 is one of the lowest among the products in the industry.

This is either because Ian Clark truly believes that everyone deserves access to the supplement or because they have made a compromise with quality. We would not dare make a guess.

Either way, in our extensive practice, we have found alternative supplements and solutions that have already proven to be effective. We would like you to consider our no.1 recommendation before you proceed with a purchase of something else. Weight management does not need to be exotic and sweating. It can be easy and healthy with this product. So go on and learn more about it.

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