Popcorn Diet – What Is It? Does It Work?

Popcorn Diet is not actually a product but a specific diet regime that is supposed to help people lose weight. The program is suitable for all the users who suffer from overweight and are willing to find an effective way to get rid of the excess calories.

So, I conducted my usual research in order to reveal some interesting and important details about the diet. It seems that basically, you need to eat popcorn to replace meals. There are many different versions of this diet, but the same basic rules apply. It seems a little bit strange, however, you are not allowed to eat anything else while on this specific regime. Popcorn should be the only source of feeding substance that enters your organism.

The truth is that popcorn does have a low amount of calories and it also provides fiber to the body. Maybe this is the scientific reason behind this whole regime. It emphasizes eating large amounts of this food. In addition, it seems that popcorn is also low in fats and can be enjoyed in lag amounts to mimic the chewing done in a standard meal.

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More Information About The Popcorn Diet?

I did investigation only to reveal that it is not clear who exactly has invested this diet regime. Still, there are many websites that offer information about it but it is not enough as many details are missing and there are also many unanswered questions. Not to mention that this diet doesn’t seem to be proven as reliable and properly working by any clinical study. So, it is absolutely impossible to determine whether it was developed with any real science in mind.

On the contrary, many specialists claim that there is nothing special in popcorn that makes it more nutritious than other foods. It is low in calories and high in fiber, but it’s lacking in many other nutrients. So, I am quite skeptical about all this feeding plan, therefore, I advise my readers to seriously consider their options before opting for this one.

Popcorn Diet – Side Effects & Allowed Foods?

As I also said above, according to the official information about this diet, one should only eat popcorn during the whole day, thus replacing all their other meals with this food. Of course, there is no data on how long this should be followed as a rule. In addition, it isn’t clear how much popcorn you can eat per day – is the quantity limited or not?

It is also advisable, the popcorn to consist of no salt or butter. Well, this sounds logical but it definitely does not answer all my questions.

I remained really surprised to reveal that according to some sources, the followers of the diet are also allowed to eat some additional foods such as mushrooms and pomegranate. Not only that, some versions of the diet suppose that you should have three full meals and that they should be made up of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. There are some low-calorie beverages allowed such as herbal tea, unsweetened juices, and water.

The thing that concerns me the most here is that the lack of specific dosage will make weight loss harder as you can easily overindulge in these types of foods. I also discovered that in some other versions of the popcorn diet consumers are encouraged to combine it with regular physical exercises. But that is it, there is no info what type of workout to deal with or how often to do it.

The side effects of this diet are also obvious – if you are allergic to popcorn then you cannot start this program. In addition, the fact that there is no official frame of the diet means that it is not going to be strict and clear, and this can lead to unsatisfying results.

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Popcorn Diet – How Much Does It Cost?

Well, I cannot answer that question with 100% certainty as there isn’t an official provider of the regime. If we assume that you will only need to pay for the popcorn, then the price is quite cheap, however, it is lacking in sufficient nutrients, so this is basically a poor meal substitute.

Even in case you have the ability to eat unlimited amounts of popcorn per meal, it will be very hard to sustain, as this diet just doesn’t have enough variety to promote a healthy weight-loss process.

Popcorn Diet – Is It Worth It?

I don’t think that this particular diet is worth it, as it cannot really help you lose your excess weight in a healthy way. In addition, I already provided you with much information that should help you make your personal decision.

You need to understand that there isn’t a real product here – just randomly gathered aspects of a diet that no one knows in depth. This makes me think that you should not opt for it. The market offers a bunch of much better programs that you can take advantage of. So, find a real working alternative if you want to really get in a better shape.

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My Last Words About The Popcorn Diet!

To sum it all up, you should really not deal with the popcorn diet because it is absolutely inefficient. It is just a waste of time and efforts. You won’t be able to achieve any significant results and this will upset you. If you want to lose your excess pounds then you should combine a healthy diet with regular workouts. This is the best method for one to get in a good physical shape. So, follow my advice and find another weight-loss solution.

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