Purium Review – The Naked Truth Exposed [Learn It!]

Purium is also known as the Purium Cleanse and the Purium 10-Day Celebrity Transformation. The holistic approach to active slimming and body-sculpting was crafted up by David Sandoval – a self-proclaimed wellness expert and Amy Venner-Hamdi who has operated in the nutrition sphere for the greater part of the last two decades. She is also the President of the company.

The wellness program has been active since 2004 but the co-founders met way back in 1993 when they owned a small green food products manufacturing facility. After a multinational corporation pulled its financing on their venture, they decided to re-brand and continue selling their products.

Venner-Hamdi and Sandoval chose the name Platinum Health Products and the nutritional products were sold under it until it was renamed Purium. They are mainly of a trimming, fitness, and anti-aging nature. Thousand have managed to control their body weight thanks to it.

But is the performance of the natural body-shaping goods consistent and giving the same results to everyone? For a truly satisfactory and safe method of getting those kilos under control, visitors should turn to My #1 Recommendation – MaxFit Garcinia with an all-organic composition!

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Main Idea Behind The Purium 10-Day Cleanse Schedule

The nutritional supplement product line goes along with a special diet plan which aims at helping anyone fulfill their body-shaping goals. Co-founders David Sandoval and Amy Venner-Hamdi have stated on a number of different occasions that they find modern food products to be contaminated with pesticides, chemicals, and herbicides.

This is why they decided to create a new-generation product which features all-natural plant and fruit extracts whose origins can be traced way back to their original sources. In fact, most of the goods found in the Purium ingredients are grown by the manufacturing company itself. The creators seek to go back to the so-called ‘original’ purity standards.

They advertise their slimming solutions as being a type of ‘superfood for super results’ – containing all the necessary organic components that can keep the body toned and in good shape. It is said that the planet Earth will also benefit the more people start using their products.

Food production costs are supposed to go down as well artificial byproduct will contaminate the soil and the environment. This will improve the relationship between humanity and nature, making us return back to our original roots and embracing a cleaner standard of living.

It is best advised for all the food supplements to be taken in conjunction with a specific dietary regiment. Regular physical exercising is also mandatory if one wishes not only to get in shape but maintain a trim figure throughout his life. The nutritional product line is best-known as the 10-Day Celebrity Transformation.

Lots of pop stars and actors have managed to achieve the dream waistline thanks to it. Purium is also marketed in the UK and EU under the name Platinum Health Europe. Products can be found in special bundles that address the needs of the individual. There are regular specials and promotional offers that one can take advantage of on the official website.

David Sandoval’s 3 Important Life Lessons

The main representative of the natural food supplement line was not so lucky in his earlier life. His family had a hard time making ends meet and providing for him on a daily basis. He decided to run away at the age of 17 and slept on the beach, being able to ride the first California waves in the early mornings. After living like this for an entire year, Sandoval took one dead-end job after the other. The death of a close relative in the early 1990’s due to bad eating habits prompted him to start his own completely pure product like growing the plants and fruits out of his own garden. David is an international promoter of healthy and organic living and states that he cares deeply for the Earth. He is the author of the infamous book ‘The Green Foods Bible’. His three pillars of success are the following:

1. Don’t Blame Others For Anything.

2. Be Willing To Work Hard.

3. If You Want To Succeed, You Have To Gain People’s Trust First.

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Purium Products & Their Ingredients – Are They Really All-Natural?

The main product offered by this nutritional supplement line is the 10-Day Body-Cleansing Program. Other popular ones include the Athlete System, Group Cleanses, Ionic Elements, and Daily Core3. The main idea behind all of them is that the human body can survive and thrive on a very low-calorie intake – a minimum of just 600.

Most dietitians, however, state that it is not a very good idea to perform such a rapid full-body transformation all at once. Expected results from the detoxifying regiment include a holistic approach to weight control, active trimming and slimming, complete restart of the metabolism, burning off of extra fatty tissue and excess kilos, build lean muscle mass, and break one’s ongoing addiction to bad food.

The main product categories can be broken down to:

  • Body-Shaping: The 10-Day Celebrity Transformation Program consists mainly of such goods and includes nutritional shakes, supplements, dietary pills, and food replacements.
  • Athlete Products: Enhances the performance of an individual during exercising.
  • Anti-Aging Products: This category consists mainly out of food supplements and skin care products which should counter the effects of aging and growing old. They are mainly directed at the joint, heart, and face skin areas.
  • Family Nutrition: Child-friendly nutritional goods.
  • Greens: Mainly juices and other green plants derivatives.
  • Skin Care: Features all the daily necessities.

Those who are considering to order Purium can easily shop for the goods on the official website. Since the food supplement line also acts as a business opportunity, there are also third-party retailers that sell the products. The starter kit includes the following items – Apothe-Cherry, Power Shake – Apple-Berry for 30 servings, Super Amino 23, Super CleansR, Super Lytes, Purium Shaker Bottle, 10-Day Celebrity Transformation Gym Bag, Tape Measure, and a Transformation Guide.

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The main natural ingredients of the body-sculpting goods include:

  • Rice Bran;
  • Oats;
  • Carrot Juice (Powder Form);
  • Alfalfa Leaf Juice (Powder Form);
  • Oat Grass Juice (Powder Form);
  • Clove;
  • Black Walnut Hull;
  • Senna Leaf;
  • Spirulina;
  • Cascara Sagrada (Buckthorn) Bark Extract;
  • Cellulose;

Purium Lawsuits & 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

All the goods which are manufactured and sold by this company come with a 2-month money-back guarantee. This does not mean that the company behind the prod8ucts has not been subjected to a number of different legal claims throughout the years. There are hundreds of people who were dissatisfied with their end results. Well-respected nutritionists also state that the 10-day body-sculpting program is not designed to be the very first dietary regiment in an individual’s life. It lacks important nutrients like proteins and this may lead to severe side effects.

Are The Nutritional Products Legit & Worth One’s Time?

Purium is as legit as a natural goods manufacturer can get. It does work for some people, especially, if they know their exercise routines and dietary plans very well. But there is one thing to keep in mind. The food regiments that go along with the body-shaping solutions might be too harsh for newcomers.

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Some of the potential side effects include nausea, diarrhea, feelings of anger and anxiety, nausea, fatigue, depression, bloating, vomiting, gastrointestinal discomfort, addiction, and withdrawal symptoms. The nutritional program is not intended for complete newcomers.

Purium 10-Day Cleanse Program – Better Nutritional Alternatives!

The idea and the people behind Purium are authentic and genuine. But it appears to be solely directed at people who have already tested and tried all sorts of different dietary plans, if not dedicated their lives to the means of healthy living. It is not suitable for those who just wish to lose a couple of extra pounds.

Some experts even state that its low-calorie and -protein intake may be potentially harmful to one’s well-being. This is why the visitors’ attention should be directed at a body-sculpting solution that has the ability to work for everybody. Enter My #1 Recommendation – MaxFit Garcinia! It features an organic extract of the Garcinia Cambogia plant and will help your waistline get back on track!

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