Superbeets – A Super Food Or Another Scam?

SuperBeets is the name of a quite popular supplement that has been marketed as a “superfood” by its manufacturer. This is due to the fact that it should be able to boost circulation in the body. This can drastically improve stamina and energy levels resulting in the fact that consumers will be feeling way better. So, the expected effects are significant and useful to our health.

One of the great advantages and specifications of the supplement is the fact that it basically offers a highly concentrated form of beets. And they are extremely rich in dietary nitrites and nutrients. The product uses a special, patented drying process. It helps to retain the integrity of nutrients and dietary nitrites from the beets. All this means that the super food should be really beneficial for the organism and the immune system.

I made the decision to examine the real features and provided effect by this newly launched food supplement in order to provide my regular readers with an honest article that could help them decide on whether to opt for Superbeets or not. Read the following paragraphs to learn more about this brand.

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SuperBeets – More About It!

The company that produces and distributes the food supplement is called Neogenis Labs. According to its portfolio, the firm is a leader in the research of nitric oxide. I could also reveal that it is based in Austin, Texas and that it offers a great number of various products that are supposedly highly regarded by physicians, nutritionists, regular customers, etc.

Furthermore, the company states that it is a pioneer in a patented technology for delivering bioavailable dietary nitrates in a special form. It should be easily converted into nitric oxide. This substance has a number of advantages such as supporting a stable blood pressure, increasing energy level, and promoting healthy circulation in the organism.

If you decide to purchase the supplement you will have a choice between 2 main flavors – black cherry and natural apple. In terms of price, you should know that each canister costs $39.95.

The main expected effects of the SuperBeets product are:

  • Provides healthy circulation in the body
  • Maintains stable blood pressure levels
  • Boosts energy level and stamina
  • Enhances physical activities endurance
  • Contains electrolytes and antioxidants

SuperBeets Active Ingredients

The main ingredient of SuperBeets is a non-GMO beetroot powder. And it is known for its ability to provide the highest dietary nitrite concentration. As I also noted above, a special growing and drying process is used to conserve the highest nutritional value. Beetroot juice has been consumed for centuries because it is known to offer health benefits.

All this sounds really good, however, I couldn’t find any relevant and trustworthy information related to the other ingredients of the food supplement. This means that I cannot confirm that it is 100% natural and harmless for regular use. So, be careful when dealing with SuperBeets.

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Instructions For Use & Side Effects!

If you have already decided to opt for SuperBeets you need to know that each package of the food supplement comes with an instruction for use. This piece of paper can provide you with important information regarding the exact way you should take it on a regular basis. And this will deliver the desired results. Read it carefully and be aware of the fact that you should take the powder orally under the form of a drink with a pleasant taste.

In terms of safety, all the consumers should remember never to exceed two scoops of SuperBeets in a 24-hour period. In addition, the product is not suitable for pregnant women neither for ones who are breastfeeding.

Unfortunately, my conducted research revealed that there is no independent clinical test that can prove that the supplement really offers significant health benefits to its users. In addition, it is more expensive in comparison to other beetroot supplements that are available on the market.

Finally, according to some first-hand testimonials that I found on the Internet, the product doesn’t have a very good taste, which means that you may have troubles to take it on a daily basis.

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Is SuperBeets A Scam Or Not?

In my opinion, SuperBeets is definitely not the best “superfood” on the market, however, I can’t say that it is a total scam. The thing is that I couldn’t find any solid evidence to confirm the authenticity of the many positive health effects that are promised by the manufacturer. And this is a commonly met situation when it comes to a product that is advertised online.

Also, the other reviews that are available on the Internet are more negative than positive, which only proves that the supplement doesn’t do great in practice. So, you should avoid dealing with it but find a legitimate solution that is actually capable of providing satisfying results.

My Final Thoughts About SuperBeets

SuperBeets is presented as a powerful and really effective energy booster, however, my investigation revealed that this solution is way overrated. This means that the market actually offers many better options for the online users. This is why I am not recommending this particular brand to my readers. I believe that they can find much better products.

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